Thirty years after leaving Hampton, some of our 1991 Leavers returned to take a trip down memory lane.

Travelling from across the globe from France to Tennessee, London to the Midlands, they enjoyed a tour around the School and shared many memories and stories together.

Sami Al-Ani OH (1991) was also delighted to see him name still on the Fitzwygram Prize-winners and School Captain Boards.

Thank you to Sami Al-Ani OH (1991), Romik Arconian OH (1991), Simon Bailey OH (1991), Oliver Berry OH (1991), Kunwar Bhatia OH (1991), Paul Brar OH (1991), Clyde Buntrock OH (1991), Lawrence Edwards OH (1991), Neil Griffin OH (1991), Rob Harper OH (1991), Iain Henderson OH (1991), Andrew Leitch OH 1991), Alex Lenoel OH (1991), James Lenoel OH (1991), David Lucas OH (1991), Patrick Mattar OH (1991), Justin Mercer OH (1991), Tim Pitts OH (1991), Jas Sethi OH (1991), Mark Simon OH (1991), Daniel Wilkin OH (1991), John Williams OH (1991) – it was a pleasure to welcome you back!


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